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It's about completing, not competing.... Jesus did not come to build segregated churches,. He came to reunite His body with the Father - One body, one Head, working together, united. If one man can put 1,000 to flight, and two, 10,000... What can the whole body united do? .....

Dream Xtreme

Everyone deserves a chance for their lives to be fulfilled. Because one of our goals are to find a need, and then fill it, we get to serve our community in so many ways. See what we do and how to get involved. 

Partners & Ministries

Herein are the ministries of Xtreme, and the partnering and colaborative ministies that help make it happen. 

Find out how your church or ministry can connect. 

Restoring Lives...

Gods 4 Me

Loving God, Loing People.  No matter who ou are.. God is 4 you


An Xtreme Dream Center Outreach for all In the making! 

Celebrate Hope Recovery Center

CHRC is working to set free the addicted and restore there lives


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